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09 - in another life

U-KISS, 928 words, Gen
A series of alternate reality, of what-ifs and could-have-beens.

In another reality, U-Kiss became one of the biggest boy band in the history of Korean pop. They broke the records of their seniors, stayed at the first rank of both the K-chart and the Oricon chart for three months straight with one album, had a solo concert in Tokyo Dome, and a 26 city world tour. In this reality, Alexander never left, and Kibum took off on his own accord to pursue his acting career-slash-mascot company. He stayed on good terms with the band.

After Kibum left came Hoonmin, in this reality called by his real name. There was never AJ, but there is a Korean student in Columbia University named Kim Jaeseop, graduating with a cum laude in psychology. He watched the hyped group when they went to New York for one of their tour leg, and he thinks they're cool (but that's about it).

But popularity, like everything good in the world, has a price to be paid.

(in the sixth year of their career, Eli got arrested for drug posession)
(in the same year, Dongho barely got out of a DUI scandal)
(by the end of the seventh year, Alexander sued the company for unfair contract)
(This is how U-kiss ends.)

In this reality, U-Kiss was just another boy band in the seemingly endless rush of debuting new bands. But they do well, they do enough. They earned their first win in the fourth week of Bingeul Bingeul promotions, didn't get any wins in 0330 promotions, and got a triple crown when promoting Neverland. They made good friends with SHINee and 2PM and make nicely acquainted sunbaes to Infinite and Teen Top.

In this reality, Xander and Kibum never left.

They held their first concert in July 2011, a two-day arrangement in AX-Korea. The ticket wasn't sold out, but the remaining tickets are of insignificant number, so they have a blast nonetheless. Both of the concerts open with Bingeul Bingeul and ends in tears with Someday.

After the Seoul gig then they have a Tokyo and Osaka gig, and then Bangkok and Manila make a mini-southeast Asia tour.

In this reality, U-Kiss' story is not over as of now.

In this reality, U-Kiss disbands after the unfruitful attempt of popularity with Neverland. AJ and Hoon barely tastes the idol industry and there they go, down the drain with hundreds of other hopefuls (the difference is that the other hopefuls don't have a three year experience).

Everyone has their fall back plan. AJ resumes his studies in Columbia, Dongho continues appearing on sitcoms and dramas, Kevin and Soohyun became regular musical actors, Hoon and Eli went to college and vocational school, and Kiseop shrinks back to the routine of a regular university student in real life and ulzzang on the internet.

In this reality, U-Kiss disappears without a bang, like effervescent tablets, slowly dissipating into the water.

In this reality, U-Kiss disbands right after Bingeul Bingeul failed to top the charts. Alexander and Kevin cried on their goodbye stages, the rest were emotional on Twitter. Each of them had their second chances. Alexander got a job as a radio DJ, Kevin joined another company and made plans on a solo debut that never happens, Soohyun was recruited as a songwriter and vocal trainer for a new entertainment company, and Dongho landed a minor role on a major TV station prime time drama. Eli and Kiseop decided to pursue further education and lives the normal way, and Kibum manages his mascot company full-time.

(Alexander's radio program did okay, he got a three-year contract, and hosted shows here and parties there for a living. Kevin settles for musicals, one after another, and made a fulfilling career out of them. Soohyun's company debuted a new girl group, half their first album's songs written by him, and his sentimental lyrics of a drama OST charted well. Dongho's drama did okay, although his acting was praised and he tries for the big screen next - the first one is a psychological thriller. It was a hit in the international audiences, albeit deemed too violent for mass consumption in Korea. Eli got a degree in sports medicine and Kiseop in photography. Kibum's mascot became very popular amongst children and the sales were fantastic.)

They stay in touch, meets up often to catch up (not just to reminisce about the past), and talks publicly about their feelings about their past as a group. Eventually, the public forgets about U-Kiss drama and after some more time, existence.

There are thousands of thousands of possible combinations of what could have happened had they chose another promotional single, another outfit, another comeback date, another member, another album title. Each one leads to a different place, a different story altogether. Sometimes the roads intersect, only to separate again. But out of all the possible combinations, this is U-Kiss' story:

In this reality, Alexander and Kibum left, U-Kiss still haven't won any music shows with Neverland, and Tick Tack did okay in Japan. AJ and Hoon joined after the two left, and Alexander continues toward the idol path on his own. Kibum left for acting gigs in Japan. Sometimes they talk, but most of the time the heartache is too much to bear.

In this reality, U-Kiss is still striving for recognition, still has a long way to go. But they're young, and they're determined, and maybe, the next decision will lead to the most fulfilling possible reality.

(After all, the story is only as long as they wanted it to be.)

Author's Note: :s first time writing something that is not SHINee. It's not a masterpiece (like at all) nor do I expect it to be. I just feel like writing something for a group I genuinely care for because they deserve alllll the love in the world, and my love, is represented by a story. Critics welcome.
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