aiedailglow. (unrandomly) wrote,

010 - make-believe

Not Like The Movies | Hoya/Dongwoo | 125w, G

(They say when you know, you know.)

Hoya thinks this is is his fairytale moment. He's not one to believe in fairytales, but now, he thinks, might be the right time to start. Dongwoo is kind to the bone, talks to animals, wears homemade sweaters, and believes in happy endings. Dongwoo's laughs echoes in Hoya's ears, Dongwoo's smile blurs everything out from Hoya's point of view, and the falling of Dongwoo's tears are simultaneous with the crashing of Hoya's world. Hoya wants to believe that Dongwoo really is made just for him, because when he's with Dongwoo, everything seems to be perfect - just like the movies. But Dongwoo is not Hoya's and Hoya is afraid there will be a better ending to Dongwoo's story.
Tags: !infinite, *drabble, gen, hoya/dongwoo
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