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012 - moving on

Infinite, Sunggyu/Woohyun, gen, 350 words

It was a so-so day, so to say. Not memorable or dramatic enough. The sky was cloudy and the sun moderate, not cheery but not mellow either. It was a supposed to be a normal, forgettable day. But as Sunggyu enters the phone box with a piece of paper crumpled in his right hand, he knew he would remember every detail of this boring, dull day even if he didn't want to.

Sunggyu picked up the red phone handle with his left hand, and smoothed the paper he was holding. He hesitated for a second before taking a heavy breath and pressed the numbers. Beep. It felt like forever. While waiting, Sunggyu wondered why he did this. Why he bothered to even find Woohyun's number, which, by no means is easy to find. He had gotten the number from Howon, who got it from Dongwoo, who got it from Daeryong, who got it from Jinwoon, who got it from Nicole, who got it from Key, who got it from Woohyun himself. Sunggyu wondered whether he really wanted to hear an explanation or he's just holding on to an image, a fantasy.

So here's the case: one and a half month ago, Kim Sunggyu woke up alone in his shared flat only to find a note saying "Sorry. Goodbye." by the bedside table. It was one day before Sunggyu and Woohyun's two months of moving in together, and three days before their third anniversary. That day was the day Woohyun's phone number became predictably unreachable.

Beep. It had only been a few seconds, but Sunggyu's thoughts had gone faster than the speed of light. Right there, he was making up some shitty excuse of why he chose to call from a payphone and not from his landline or even his cellphone. There'd be no trace, he convinced himself. After this, he would toss that one piece of paper he waited long and worked hard to get to the bin by the box and forget Woohyun completely.


"Hello?" An unfamiliar voice answered. Sunggyu took it as his cue to leave. He shouldn't have even bothered.


a/n: obviously. the radio keeps playing payphone. cliche, yes :(
Tags: !infinite, *fic, sunggyu/woohyun
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